Our Story

We, the Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy, are on a journey which began in 1650 in Le Puy, France. Every day we try to follow the vision of our founder, Fr. Jean Pierre Médaille:

“Love your neighbour as yourself; love them as Jesus Christ has loved you; love them as a child of God.  Love your brothers and sisters purely and constantly and with a burning love, let your love be patient, kind, removed from bitterness and judgements.  In a word, let it be filled with the justice of the Gospel.”

(Adapted from the Original Documents of Sisters of St Joseph)

This vision for a better world centres on creating relationships where all may be one by striving to build worldwide, national and local communities in which we:

  • Work with, and for, the poorest and most neglected
  • Work with people wherever there is a need
  • Aim to help all people become united among themselves, with God and with all of creation


Where We Are

As groups formed they took on the name of the area they were in and so we became Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy.  We now have communities in…


The Sisters of St. Joseph have grown from those first 6 women in Le Puy to approximately 10,000 across the world.  The Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy themselves can be found in Congo, England, France, Gambia, India, Ireland, Kenya, Senegal, Switzerland, Tanzania and Wales.

English Province

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy live out Fr. Médaille’s vision, to be one with God, among ourselves and with all others, in various parts of England, Ireland and Wales.


What We Do

As Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy, we are committed to various works that we call “ministry.” 

It is important to us that whatever ministry we are engaged in, we try to build relationships of union with God and with one another. Fr. Médaille’s vision was that we undertake any work that is possible for women to do. Today, that allows us great freedom to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of our culture and society.



Prayer is an essential part of our lives.  It is what feeds our relationship with God.  It is therefore essential that we give time to it every day, both alone and together as a community.

We will soon share with you some reflections which may be helpful as you develop your own relationship with God, neighbour and all of creation.